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The Rain

Wow. This is the crappiest drabble I have EVER written in my entire life. If was supposed to be full length, but I couldn't drag it on that long...

Title: The Rain
Author: Me
Rating: G
Word count: 361
Warnings: Un-betaed, as usual, OOCness with good reason, but I don't think I wrote it very well...
Summary: Luna contemplates some things...Partially written for MNFF's Monthly Fan Fiction Contest

Sometimes I sit and just stare out of the window…thinking.

Thinking about nothing…thinking about everything. About the war, about my friends, about my family, about good...and evil….

Everything has been shrouded in darkness, covered by the rain.

I don’t really feel as carefree as I used to. I feel more centered. It’s as if it has been snatched away from me in one swipe. I look back on my sixth year - and my whole life, actually - and I wonder how I ever was so happy. I look back at the Quibbler and remember how much pride I took in carrying it around the school, boasting about the many theories that lay inside.

Somehow, that feeling is no longer there.

I look back at the Quidditch commentary that I gave last year. It surprises me more than it should. I don’t know who that was. Who was that, spouting out disregarded (by the general public) theories about Losers Lurgy? Who was that girl, who right after the match overlooked the snide comments about what she had said in front of the school a day prior?

Certainly not me.

Certainly not…

It couldn’t be. That girl could not be the same girl who is sitting right here, looking out this window, contemplating these complicated things. It is not possible. That other girl would have never sat through and thought about these things as I am doing now. Would she? But it seems like she does have some of the same qualities.

I have no idea. Nothing is clear.

Children don’t frolic in the autumn mist anymore. Students do not lounge out, enjoying themselves, without a care in the world. Before they knew he had returned, they were quite comfortable.

Ignorance is, after all, blissfully satisfying. The only problem is this: Nobody knows it.

But what is worse? Knowing or not knowing something bad is going to happen? It seems knowledge is being quite decisive.

Annoying, really.

Knowledge, which I have valued all my life, has become…so confusing, in a different way than I have ever known.

It feels horrible.

I continue to stare out the window…and the rain falls ceaselessly on…
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