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The Stars

Challenged by astaraelweeper

Title: The Stars
Author: Me
Rating: G
Pairing: Pavarti/Firenze
Word Count: 159...really short, I know
Warnings: Interspecies relationships...sorta
Summary: Firenze thinks about his feelings for a certain human...

Everyday I look up into the stars. Venus is shining brightly. It is aligned with Gemini. Something wonderful is about to happen…

I have yet to finish reading the signs.

Nothing seems clear. Fog clouds my vision. What am I to do?

Indeed, a question I have not asked for many years. Nothing seems clear.

She is indeed a human…but that would be the ultimate betrayal to my former tribe. Further betrayal, actually. It doesn’t seem right. But then again…I can’t live without seeing her. The human Parvati.

What a creature.

But, no. This is impossible…how could I, Firenze, ‘fall’ (as the humans call it) for her? It is inconceivable, indeed. I have never felt this way in my entire life. Nothing like this has ever happened to me…or any of the centaurs that I have come across. Is this just a reaction to teaching the humans? Or is it destined…?

I have yet to finish reading the stars…
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