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Mask of Silence

Title: Mask of Silence
Author: tales_of_x2
Rating: PG
Characters: None. Anybody you want. Meant for a Death Eater. There is only one mention of anything Harry Potterish. Two if you count cryptic messages...
Word Count: 185
Summary: Um. No summary. The story doesn't really have a plot...just somethiung I wrote...*cough*

I wear a mask of Silence.

A mask that keeps me in Hell. On the exterior is a design of old, an intricate design of solemn beauty. A faint line creeps across the mask, trying to hide. It weaves through the darkness searching for shelter. It passes through forests and mountains, fires and floods.

It finds no comfort.

I wear a mask of Silence.

I run through the forest. They are chasing me, for I have betrayed them. I weave in and out, searching for refuge. My mask is burning. It burns as black as the night. They can see my Silence.

“Come out!” they shout. Echoes bounce off the walls, flying in all directions.

Come out…come out…

I shall find no haven tonight.

Through the rivers I swim, through the mountains I trudge, but in vain? But in vain…

I wear a mask of Silence.

They are closing in. I shut my eyes tight. The shout that follows scarcely reaches my ears. So far away, it is…

Avada Kedavra!” they shout…they whisper.

I wear my mask of Silence as I sink into the night.
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