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Title: Free
Author: x2pttrclue32
Rating: G
Word Count: 232
Summary: Harry and Hermione want to be free...but they can't...Written for MNFF's Monthly Drabble Challenge.

Harry and Hermione sit by the lake. They are silent.

The war is now over. Voldemort has lost. Harry…has won.

This should be a happy occasion for the two students, but it is not. Inside the castle, students are rejoicing. The war is over. It is finally over. They can finally be free. Free from worry, free from grief, free from evil.

But Harry and Hermione are not free.

“He’s really…gone then, isn’t he?” Hermione finally says something, silent tears running down her face.

Harry is silent. His insides are writhing with anger and frustration and despair. Why did this have to happen? Right when he thought everything was going to be all right again…

“Harry…” Hermione says, without really knowing what she wants to say. “You…you have to talk…we can’t just keep it all bottled up-“

“What is there to talk about, Hermione?” Harry bursts out. “What is there to talk about?

“I…I…” Hermione stutters. “Oh!” she cries in exasperation and starts to cry even harder.

Harry is silent again, staring out onto the lake, thinking about Ron’s…Ron’s death…

“Why did Ron have to go?” Hermione says despairingly. “Why? Why is it always the people you love most?”

Harry looks at her. “I don’t know Hermione…I…I don’t know…”

Silent tears run down both of their faces now, as they stare out onto the grounds, without a trace of freedom in their faces.
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