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Written for the masquerade challenge at scndls_liaisons.

Title: Slipping
Author: tales_of_x2
Rating: G
Pairing: Ron/Tonks
Word Count: 117
Summary: Is Ron hiding something...?

Wow…I laugh to myself when I even think about it…it was so stupid to even believe I had a chance. Jus so stupid!

I mean, she’s so much older than me. Twenty years senior? Fifteen? I don’t know…what does it matter? Everything maybe…if she…if she feels the same –

I should just stop while I’m ahead.

The feelings still there, but I’m trying to hide it (and failing miserably, by the way). It’s like…it’s like wearing a mask. A really cheap mask that keeps on falling off, revealing your true…intentions.

Is my mask that bad? Does my mask slip so far when Tonks says, “Ron” she can see my face?

Merlin's beard, I hope not.

I hope not…
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